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MP4 is the new age file format for storing high-definition videos. Users can see that the most popular video-sharing platforms YouTube, Dailymotion, and Facebook, use MP4 as one of their main file formats. There is not a single media player that refuses to accept the MP4 files. Be it computers or cellphones, MP4 videos are everywhere. It would not be unfair to admit that the MP4 file format dominates the world of videos. Similarly, MP3 audio files are dominating the audio world. It is quite fantastic that users can save their video content in MP4 files and audio content in MP3 files. But there are some cases where users want to convert their MP4 video content into lightweight MP3 audio. Yes! It is possible to flip an MP4 file into an MP3.

How Can You Convert MP4 Videos into MP3 Audio

Free MP4 to MP3 Online Converter

MP4 videos can be converted into MP3 audios quite easily, but there is no built-in tool or utility available in the operating systems. You have to get a third-party tool for converting your MP4s into MP3s. Third-party converters are available both in the offline and online mode. Online video-audio converters have the following perks for MP4 to MP3 conversion:

Quick conversion

Up-to-date technology

No need to download the app

No Spyware and Adware

No chance of getting corrupt output files - as offline video-audio converters fix the developer issues quickly.

Easy user interface - most offline video-audio converters have a straight-forward conversion process

High compatibility - can be used in any of the available browsers due to no specific requirements.

These are the qualities that you can find in an excellent video to audio converter.

Or you can download the Desktop Version to convert MP4 to MP3 in Bulk:

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MP4 to MP3 Audio Converter Online Guide

There are no hard and fast rules that you must follow while using the online MP4 to MP3 audio converter. Follow this four-step tutorial for converting your videos into audio.

1. You can upload your media file through the Choose File box. Name of the successfully uploaded file displays in the File box.

2. Pick the audio clip format for the converted audio file to "MP3-most Popular Audio Format".

3. Use the Advanced Setting menu for setting the sampling rate, audio channel, and bitrate value. (You can also use Audio Cutter for a custom length of the audio clip.)

4. Initiate the MP4 to MP3 conversion procedure by clicking on the "Convert Now" option. You can track the progress of your task by the progress bar. Finally, use the "Download the Converted File" for downloading the processed audio clip.

Get the MP3 copy of your favorite songs and enjoy them in solitude!

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MP4 to MP3 Audio Converter Features

The internet is a fantastic platform. It contains thousands of similar apps. But all of the available utilities do not provide value to the users. Users often complain that free apps are of no use for them. However, MP4 to MP3 Audio Converter is a superior quality tool for online use that lets the users convert the MP4 files into MP3 with ease. It has the best features that you can only find in the paid versions of most online audio converters.

1. Data Security

MP4 to MP3 audio converter is a reliable tool that also has a desktop version for offline conversion. This audio converter does not store the MP4 videos uploaded for conversion permanently. Uploaded videos automatically get deleted off the server for data security within one hour of the upload. The automatic cleanup of uploaded videos further increases the security of uploaded data.

2. Audio Cutter Feature

You do not have to download the 1 hour long converted audio clip. Audio Cutter feature trims down the unwanted audio segments and produces only selected parts of the audio clip as a result. Using the Audio Cutter is very simple — users can set the Audio Cutter counter (Start Time/End Time) to get sharply trimmed audio clips.

3. Advanced Settings

Unlike the basic audio converters, MP4 to MP3 audio converter also has customization options. Advanced Setting is used to define the attributes of the converted audio files for custom needs. In the Advanced Menu, you would find these options: Bitrate value, Sampling Rate, and audio channels.

4. Multi-Format Support

Undoubtedly, MP4 and MP3 are the most celebrated types of media files, but this face should not limit the capacity of a useful audio converter. MP4 to MP3 Audio converter has multiple format support that increases its usefulness. All of the popular video formats are supported in it. AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, M4P, and MPG can be converted into AAC, FLAC, OGG, MP3, and WMA audio clips.

5. Browser Support

MP4 to MP3 audio converter uses the latest technology that gives the best output. Furthermore, advanced algorithms also make this audio converter app compatible with all of the available browsers. You can use this audio converter without worrying about browser compatibility issues.

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