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How to Convert MP4 Videos to MP3 Audio Online for Free

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MPEG Audio Layer-3, also known as MP3, is the most preferred type of media files for storing music in bulk. However, these days, 80% of the songs are released in the video form. You can get video files in low to high-quality, but even a low definition video takes more space than an MP3 file. To get the audio from your videos, you can use a third-party online video to the audio converter like MP4toMP3.org.

What is the Online Video to Audio Converter?

Online video-audio converters are apps that can be accessed directly at their websites. You do not need to download online apps for using them. Furthermore, online video-audio converters are much more comfortable to use than offline converters. Users upload their video files and start the conversion. Depending on the length of the uploaded video, online converters produce converted audio files in a few minutes. However, most online video-audio converters available on the internet provide low-quality results. Users face many issues while using the low-quality video to audio converters tools.

This video-audio converter can convert the MP4 videos into MP3 audio at a faster rate. Users can use Online MP4 to MP3 video-audio converter on the mp4tomp3.org website. It is free of cost service that aims at providing high-quality service to the users. Use the following steps for converting your video files into audio clips.

How to Convert MP4 Videos to MP3 Audio Online for Free

Step 1 - Upload Your MP4 File for MP3 Conversion

Visit MP4toMP3.org and press on the "Choose File" option to upload the MP4 video. You can also upload your media file by dragging it to the file box. Once uploaded successfully, you would see your file name in the file box.

Step 2 - Choose the Output Format for Converted audio files

You can define the output format for your converted audio files from the "Convert to" box. For converting your files into MP3, choose the 'MP3-most Popular Audio Format" option.

Step 3 - Selection of Advanced Setting

Advanced Setting can be used to set the bitrate for the converted audio clips. By default, MP4 to MP3 converter tool converts audio at 192KBPS. For a high-quality conversion, you can define the bitrate to 320KBPS. Advanced Setting also lets you set the audio channels and sampling rate. You can also use the Audio Cutter to crop the required duration of the output MP3 file. Audio Cutter crops the audio files according to the selected starting and ending duration.

Step 4 - Initiate Conversion

Press the "Convert Now" yellow button to initiate the video-audio conversion of your uploaded file. You can see the green-colored bar to show the progress of the conversion. Click on the "Download the Converted File" to receive your converted MP3 audio clip.

Note: The rate of conversion can be affected by the length of the uploaded video.

Or you can use the Desktop Version to convert MP4 Videos to MP3 in Bulk:

Download Desktop Version (11 MB)

Unique Features Of MP4 to MP3 Online Converter

MP4 to MP3 online converter is an ace video-audio converter that provides safe and fast conversion of the uploaded MP4 videos. Unlike most online video-audio converters, you can trust this converter due to its following features.

1. Privacy of Data

Privacy is the major concern for most users while using an online app these days. The videos you upload in the MP4 to MP3 converter tool cannot be retrieved after one hour. This converter app has an auto cleanup feature that deletes the uploaded videos permanently from the server to ensure the safety of the user data.

2. Advanced Settings

Advanced settings let the users define the quality of the converted files. By checking on the "Advance Setting" box, users can set the audio sampling rate, audio bitrate, and audio channels (stereo/mono) from the menu. The chosen values determine the output quality of the converted audio clips.

3. Audio Cutter Feature

Audio Cutter is a fantastic feature that helps the users in extracting useful parts from the media files. You can use the Audio Cutter by checking on the "Cut the Audio File" box. Audio Cutter is a handy feature for trimming the large media files. Users set the Start Time and End Time counter for precise extraction of the audio clips. By using this option, you would get precisely cropped audio files.

4. Multi-Format Support

These days most users prefer to store their media into MP4 and MP3 files. However, the MP4 to MP3 online converter can support all formats of audio and video files. Users can convert their AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, M4P, and MPG videos into AAC, FLAC, OGG, MP3, and WMA audio clips.

Enjoy your MP3 music in a long drive!

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